Cooking for the Practice Part 1

Hey y’all! 
So, I’ve been trying to cook more so I gave myself a challenge. The challenge is to cook a veggie dish everyday and then talk about what I learned that week. Here is my first post 🙂 

Day 1: Easy Eggplant Parmesan 

One of the first times I got to cook with eggplant 🙂 It was delicious.  The only tip I could give is to check how much space you are going to need for the eggplant. Other than that, this is a very simple and easy recipe that the whole family can enjoy. 

Day 2: Avocado and Cucumber Smoothie

This was one of the best things I put together. It was so cool and refreshing that I felt healthier for drinking it. HUGE TIP! When following this recipe watch out how much lemon you put in haha 🙂 


With this recipe I learned that different cheese are NOT interchangeable. Using the wrong cheese will change the consistency of the dish. 

Day 4: Creamy Avocado Smoothie 

1 Avocado
unsweetened Almond Milk
At Least 5 tsp of Sugar

Another GREAT addition to any meal. The almond milk really creamy and delicious! 

Day 5: Spinach Casserole

SO easy to make, just watch out for how much salt you put in the dish. I can easily turn salty. 

Day 6: FORGOT 😦 
I didn’t make a veggie dish, but I DID make a pasta that I forgot where the recipe came from haha. 

DAY 7: Sunday BBQ + Stuffed Mushrooms with the Family

Today I had a wonderful lunch today with my family. My brother cooked Hawaiian BBQ and I cooked the stuffed mushrooms 🙂 This recipe has become one of my family’s favorite dishes. They request it often from me.

Hope you’ll enjoy these recipes as much as I have and if you have any new ideas for recipes let me know! I’d love to try them out.

Till Next Time!  




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