Day 1: John Chapter 1

Day 1: John chapter 1

  • What information was given?

This chapter starts with God at the beginning and how He created everything. He is the one that created life and light. There is NO darkness strong enough to overcome light.

Then John the Baptist is introduced by him being questioned by Jewish priests. He humbly answers by saying “I am the voice of one crying into the wilderness ‘Make straight the way of the Lord’.” The next day he finally meets Jesus, the son of God.

In the next verses some of the disciples start to follow Jesus: Andrew, Simon Peter (Cephas), Philip, and Nathanael. Then Jesus tells them that they will soon be witness to great miracles.

  • What verses stood out to you and why?

“So they said to him ‘Who are you?… He said, “I am ‘the voice crying out in the wilderness. ‘Make straight the way of the Lord,’…” John 1:22-23

  • John the Baptist did not boast saying I am the chosen one. He answer that he was a vessel being used to proclaim the good news.

“He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him.” John 1:11

  • God created people and He loved them. When He sent Jesus to the world, Jesus was casted out like an outsider. Jesus was mocked, persecuted, and crucified by the people that he made and came to save. He still came and saved us regardless of the sin we made against him. That is amazing love

“And he said to him, “truly truly, I say to you, you will see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.” John 1: 51

  • Jesus just finished telling Nathanael that he was able to see him by the fig tree and this is foreshadowing the great miracles that will be in the near future. I also think it is a little funny because Jesus is basically just saying “that was nothing compared to what I have in store.” #Jesus’humor
  • What were some new things you learned in the chapter?
  • What did I not understand or want to learn more about?

What was the relationship between the Levites, Jews, and people from Nazareth?


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