My First Post

Hello to the online world!

Welcome to my blog page and first post. Live, Hope, Eat are some of the words that I try to live by and I believe describe me fairly well. Although at first these words seem like they are randomly put together each one has a significant meaning.

Live- Live life.
Time is rented. Life is limited. We only have so much time on this Earth before we are gone. No matter what you do or do not believe it is hard to argue this statement. Therefore we must LIVE life and take those opportunities that will make our dreams come true. There is only one chance to live this life why not go BIG before we have to go home.

Hope- Hope for the best.
Murphy’s law, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Plans rarely go exactly the way you expect them too. Instead of the waiting for things to go wrong, hope for the best to happen. Even when things are not going according to plan, at the end of the day if the main goal is achieved then all of the trials were worth it. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and there seems like no hope and darkness all around, just remember that even “the darkest nights will end and the sun will rise” Les Mis

Eat- Eat up the moments.
It’s an odd phrase, I know, but “Eat up the moments” is my spin on the common motto live in the moments. Eat up the moments, to me at least, means not only be present in the moment, but feed off of the moment. Let every experience build your character and help you grow as a person. If something happens, it happens for a reason. Everybody has their own story, their own unique perspective on life that is shaped from what we experience. Like snowflakes, no two people are shaped the same so embrace every moment and feed off of it or you’ll never know what you can become.

I hope that this little explanation has helped you understand my title and prepares you for all the random things that you might be able to find on this blog.

Thanks for reading and always remember

Live. Hope. Eat


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